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Regarding: COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) pandemic

Dear Patients,

COVID-19 (updated May 7, 2020)

Orchid Dental is temporarily closed at this time.  We are making preparations for our reopening and in late May 2020.  Your safety and that of our team members is our highest priority.  Our new website will shortly be relaunched and include details on what we will be doing to keep everyone safe.

Note:  all previously scheduled appointments remain cancelled at this time.  We will resume taking appointment bookings in June 2020 and will update this page when we are ready to do so.  If you are a current patient of Orchid Dental and have a serious dental emergency (e.g. uncontrolled pain, swelling, trauma) please call Dr. Ross-Kasza at (250) 514-4304.

Links for COVID-19 resources:

BC Centre for Disease Control

College of Dental Surgeons of BC

BC Dental Association

Stay safe and see you soon,

Dr. Violet Ross-Kasza