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Orchid Dental
Orchid Dental
Orchid Dental
Orchid Dental - New Patient Form

Welcome to Orchid Dental, providing dental care to the families of Victoria including the Westshore communities of Colwood, Langford and Metchosin. As a practicing dentist in Victoria for the past 18 years I am passionate about providing you and your family with quality dental care in a calm, positive atmosphere.

My dental team and I provide caring service in consultation with you to find the "Perfect Fit" oral health care plan.

To enhance every visit to our dentist office I offer advanced technologies and pleasant surroundings in a refreshing environment.

At your first visit, we will do a comprehensive examination that includes:

  • Reviewing your medical and dental history
  • Taking digital photographs
  • Take the appropriate digital X-Rays
  • Examining the head, neck, teeth, gums, inside of the mouth and your bite. This includes screening for oral cancer.

To rediscover your beautiful, healthy smile contact us directly or complete our "New Patient" form.

Dr. Violet R. Ross-Kasza. (General Dentist)

Dr. Violet R Ross-Kasza

141 - 2401G Millstream Road
Victoria, BC, Canada